Class Changes – Welcome New and Returning Students – and a Farewell

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Two students have joined out class recently.

Mawadda (not really a new student because she was at Prince Arthur before) has been living in Tripoli, Libya for the last 7 months! Welcome back!

Mohamed has joined us from Cote d’Ivoire in Africa. Welcome to Canada, and the class!

As well, Justice is now going to school at Palliser Heights. Good Luck Justice!


Student Writing Examples

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Check out the student writing examples on their  blogs. They are beginning to “explode the moment” which is taking one short event, and “exploding” it into a descriptive paragraph. I think they did great, and it was a FIRST ATTEMPT!



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The epic eights learned about Kiva.org  this afternoon. Kiva is a If students wish to bring a small donation, they can contribute to the Prince Arthur Community School Grade 8 Lending team!


This I Believe

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The Epic Eights are busy thinking, writing, learning and laughing about the ways we believe.  As we begin the first part of our POD casting project which will partner us with two other Middle Year classrooms around the world, here is a bit of what we do believe…

In the voice of one of our students, and a few reasons why the PA kids are so so Epic!

     This I believe school is an opportunity.

     This  I believe that god is most powerful.

     This I believe soup is the worst food ever.

     This I believe that being a kid is not fair.

     This I believe friendship is the most important part of my life.

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Nov 11th

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Two Epic Eight students shared origial pieces of writing during the Remembrance Day assembly.  

On the Sea and On the Land

On the land I say good-bye.

To my family that’s sailing by.

I will stand there waiting for return

Then I saw the bomb fly by

It hit our ship that just sailed by.

Here I lay, on the land.

My family’s gone and so am I.

by Ali



~ Water ~

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The Epic Eights have been learning about ~ Water ~ and so has Ms. Paterson’s grade 7/8 class.  These last two weeks both classes have been busy finishing up our water unit.  One of the ways that we ended the unit was by sharing about what water means to us.

Here is what Ruth has to share about ~ Water ~

Water is the most common compound on earth.  The fluid which all life depends upon.  It’s the one liquid humans must have to live.

Humans need to drink water!

An average person can go nearly two months with out eating.  But less than a week without water could kill you.  Water is something many of us take for granted but we shouldn’t.  we all use water in many ways that include drinking bathing, washing, our lawns, but water is a limited resource.

That is way it is important that we all fin ways to conserve water every day in every way. Water

Is many things.

Here is what Magbeni has to share about ~ Water ~

When I was a little girl I used to live in this small town.  There was only one place that everyone in that town could get water from, and it used to be very hard for some people.  So as I was saying, in that town people would get up early so thy can go and get water for the day.   Me and my sisters would wake up and three in the morning, but there was some times that we would forget our self.  

So there was this one time that we got up late and there was a hug line.  There was no way that we could get the water by noon.  We didn’t get the water.  We couldn’t eat that day because there was no water. We did not do laundry.  We did not go to school because our uniforms were not clean, and by noon the water stop until the next day.

Now that I look at it, it seems to be scary.  And where I was living it would get so hot that the leaves would burn from the trees or any kind of plants.  So those are some ways that water helps humans in.

Both sciences groups ended the units by making ice cream.  Besides an entry slip that allowed them access to their lab, student were asked this question:

A lot of people think that the city puts salt on icy streets to make the ice thaw.  But that’s not what happens.  What really happens is .  .  .

Do you know?  

Here is the recipe and directions for making ice-cream.  Go ahead, give it a go and make sure to post your answers to the question.


Ice – Cream – Materials!

 In small sandwich baggie combine: 

  • 1cup (250 ml) of milk
  • 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of sugar
  •   1 teaspoon (5 ml) of vanilla
    • Seal bag tightly with no air in it.  Mix contents.

 In large sized baggie combine: 

  • 1 scoop of ice cubes
  • 6 tablespoons (90 ml) of rock salt

 Place small baggie in larger baggie.  SEAL TIGHTLY



 When you are done making your ice cream, make sure to put your supplies away.

 Hint: Rock salt is used to make ice cream. It is not actually used in the ice cream mixture; rather, it is used to melt the ice surrounding the can holding the ice cream, causing the ice to melt at a lower temperature, thus lowering the temperature of the ice bath and quickening the freezing process.



In Our Own Words

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Ask to share three words that best describe our 2009/10 Grade Eight class and this is what we came up with: <a href=’epic_eights\”


New Partners!

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Hey Epic Eights, we have new blogging partners- and they are in grade eight, just like you!  Where exactly are our new friends?  Well, that’s the exact question I asked their teacher, Miss Sarah.  Here is what she replied;

 October 27 at 9:56pm Reply

“lol… ok, in Bangkok, and the road is called Kaset-Nawamin. The name of the school is Lertlah. I think the full address is Moo 9/29 Kaset Nawamin Kongkum, Beunkum, Lad Prao. However, the spelling may be different, as Thai has its own alphabet; there is no set spelling for how you pronounce them… good luck! I think I will send you guys an email with pictures of our school and some students, maybe you could do the same?? I know the kids would love to see what it’s like there, and what you guys do in school… “

 So Epic Eights, make sure you’ve created an introduction post saying hello to your new partners.  Remember, try to use complete sentences and stay away from slang with this post!  Oh, and Miss Sarah gave you our new partners’ address, see if you can find them using Google maps.

And how can you chat with your new friends?  Click here and look under ‘My Classes and Students – M2/2,’  to chat with your new friends. 

       *A p.s. from Miss Sarah.  “Heads up…a lot of my kids use the expression ‘555’…which you’ll notice.  In thai the number 5 is ‘ha’.  So therefore 555= hahaha. :P

Here are your partners:

Denis and Dusty – Ai, Bonus

Ashley and Jolie – Boom, Carrot, Shake

Jaden and Tyler H. – Cheetah, James

Ali and Tyler C. – Karn, Mark

Theo and Chris – Kratae, Yim

Erica and Sabrina S. – Mai, Seen, June

Justice and Harley – Milk, Mummin

Jessica H. and Merrisa – Ploy, Pookie, Louis

Jessica F, Courtney and Sabrina L. – Praew, Prin, Som


Integers, Our Stories…

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math picThe Epic Eights are discovering all the ways we use integers.   Here are two great stories, one by Chris and one by Theo.  Can you solve them?


Math story Question

 Once there was a boy walking through the park with fifty dollars. The boy started to get thirsty so he stopped off at the store on his way home. He bought a drink for 8 dollars. After he left the store, on his way home he found a wallet with 356 dollars in it.

The boy decided to keep the money. He ran home to tell his parents what he had found. When he got home his mom was waiting for him. He asked” What’s the matter?”His mom said that she owed him some money and gave him 50 dollars.

After the boy saw his mom he ran to the mall and bought a brand new x-box 360 for 299 dollars. Then bought call of duty for 40 dollars. The boy ran back to his house with his new stuff and played on the 360 all day.

The end.


How much money did the boy have left and put it in integer form.



Math Question Story

          Walking through the park on a cold winter morning carrying fifty dollars in my pocket I met my friend. We talked for about five minutes and continued on our journeys. When I turned my back into the snow bank I saw fifteen dollars in the snow. I picked it up with my mittens in the freezing snow on the freezing morning. Lucky me.     

 I continued till I got to a rock. A peculiar rock that I’ve never seen. I studied it and found two dollars. I decided to get home before the blizzard comes. I hurried home. Rushing through the park I tripped fell flat on my face and my face turned blue. Blue than everything else on Earth.  

I got up and wished to get home in time before I get hit by the blizzard or even worse frost bite. When I arrived at home I counted my money. I had thirty four dollars. How much money did I leave at the park? How much money do I have at this time? Stumped yet?

By: Theodoros


The Field Trip to Gardener Dam…

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Click Here to enter your comment! Tell us your favourite thing about the trip. What is one thing you learned?

The Field Trip… Click here to see what people are saying…

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