This is not an electric motor.

At the end of last term, the grade 9/10

Science  students when to Diefenbaker Lake to learn about alternate

sources of power.

Here is the view from the Spillway.

We stood under the highway. 

When a car drove on the road above us, the whole structure shook.

That was scary and fun. 

This is the view of the frozen water on top of the spillway.

This is Sydnee laughing. 

We were at the one of the towers on top of the dam.

Yes, we had so much fun learning about electricty that we laughed the entire day. 

Here, Ty’s just taking it easy. 

The power station was doing an electrical upgrade, and we were not allowed to touch anything.

So Ty just grabbed a chair and sat down. 

Ya. He sure looks at home.

Why is that screen blank?

We stopped to check out alternative sources of power. 

We had to wear protective gear,


suits and


It was amazing.

It was cutting edge. 

Here’s the inside of our hats.

And here is Jake responsive smile.

 Ha Ha Ha. 

Oh, that’s me in the green.  

And there, that’s Bryan in the green and

there, that’s Sam in the green as well :)

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