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Here are some of the sites we will use this year:

Our Classroom Blog





Discovery Education


Pinky Dinky Doo Bunnyhero Labs



Dr Jean’s Banana DancePrimary Paint Breakfast FoodsWhat We Learned About Breakfast


17 Comments on Welcome to Our Classroom Webpage

  1. Jaime Ackerman on Mon, 14th Sep 2009 2:53 pm
  2. I think this is wild. Love that these kids are getting into this, learning and meeting others from all over. What a great experience that lasts a lifetime…

  3. Diane Krum on Mon, 15th Feb 2010 9:18 pm
  4. I think this is amazing. I just watched the video from youtube and I think you are doing a wonderful job. This is something that the children will never forget. Thank you for the inspiration that I hope to be able to use in my own class.

  5. Jenny Hyatt on Tue, 16th Feb 2010 11:45 am
  6. This is great! As an aspiring elementary school teacher I am able to see all the wonderful things you can do with your class and technology.
    Props to you!

  7. Lisa on Mon, 7th Jun 2010 11:57 pm
  8. Your dedication to your students and knowledge of how to use technology so well in a primary classroom is commendable! How many years have you been teaching? How did you learn it all?

  9. kcassidy on Tue, 8th Jun 2010 12:19 pm
  10. Thank you all for your kind words. I think it is important for students to use technology as a part of their school experience, and not “power down” when they come into the classroom.
    Lisa, I have been teaching about 17 years. I have learned a bit at a time, starting with a web page (not this one), then a blog and so on. There are so many wonderful sites for children to use in their learning. I want my students to have easy access to these sites, so I created these pages.

  11. Jan on Mon, 1st Nov 2010 4:15 pm
  12. I’ve been following your site for awhile. Just wondering, where are the wonderful wikis that you used to have?

  13. Leighton on Tue, 2nd Nov 2010 2:42 pm
  14. hi Mrs Cassidy are you having fun with the Kids I miss you Too I wos Ironman for Haluween

  15. Andrew Gitt on Tue, 1st Mar 2011 2:22 pm
  16. Thanks for adding my site, I wanted to let you know you can get a better image here http://storytimeforme.com/resources for your page if you like.

  17. Vasudha Kamat on Fri, 22nd Apr 2011 9:26 pm
  18. I am writing a unit on Professional Development of elementary Teachers through ICTs. I am using Blog as one of the tools for professional development of teachers. I wish to give one example of a blog. When I visited your blog (as one of the top 20 blogs), it was an amazing experience. I just wish to take a snapshot of your blog and use it as a pic in the unit. This will be published by the Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi. I need your permission to use this snap shot.

  19. Margaret Yates on Sun, 22nd May 2011 5:19 am
  20. Ms. Cassidy and Class,

    I work as a resource teacher and technology specialist in Orange County Public Schools in Orlando, Florida. I came upon your class and the amazing things you are accomplishing on YouTube and was very impressed. I am preparing a presentation on 21st Century Learners for administrators and teachers in my district and would like permission to use parts of your video for my training. You are all the most wonderful examples of Digital Learners I have come across.

    Ms. Cassidy my compliments to you for the work you are doing to prepare these students for the future and hopefully your work will inspire many others to take the leap of faith and begin to implement the tools our children will need to be successful in the 21st century and beyond.

    Margaret Yates

  21. Don Elliott on Fri, 17th Jun 2011 11:36 pm
  22. Your website is AMAZING!!! Our corporation hasn’t quite reached the true potential when it comes to websites so, it’s pretty much up to the teachers. I can’t sleep and am blown away by all the ideas you have put in my noodle! Ha-ha.. fantastic work. Thanks again. :)

  23. Ann on Tue, 2nd Aug 2011 6:42 am
  24. Oh my goodness! My head is spinning with all that can be done here! I have had a class website using Shutterfly for the past two years because it was easy and I enjoyed having all their pictures categorized for each event through the year for parents to view and comment on and download or make a book, etc. BUT – this year I am back to just first grade and I want to learn to do this – but a little overwhelmed – yet excited. There are so many choices out there now -it’s like the latest and greatest keeps changing you know? I applaud you for your wonderful work and it has inspired me to do much more!

  25. Amber Schnell on Tue, 11th Oct 2011 8:19 am
  26. Hi!
    I am a teacher in Calgary Alberta Canada. In the past I have had my own websites dedicated to grades 3 and 4. But this year I am teaching grade one for the first time. I very much enjoy some of the links you have used and wonder if you would mind if I use some of them within my own site?

  27. Mary Schultz on Sun, 16th Oct 2011 7:27 am
  28. I love your site and will visit it often!

  29. Gabriela on Fri, 29th Jun 2012 7:57 pm
  30. I absolutely love your page and your blog. You have given me tons of ideas that I plan to implement in my classroom. Thanks you do an awesome job!!

  31. Frank Gasparino on Sun, 29th Jul 2012 10:44 am
  32. I just came across your YouTube video on the use of technology (iPads) in your classroom and I think it is fabulous. I love the way you use your blog as a video portfolio to showcase student work. I am a second grade teacher who would like to start a blog and use it in a way that is similar to yours. Any suggestions you may have would be helpful. What blog site to use, possible funding for class iPads etc. Thank you in advance and good luck this coming school year.

  33. Alex Paige on Sun, 5th Aug 2012 1:10 am
  34. I love your web site Kathy – really inspiring for a young teacher. Also great to see the students embracing technology!
    I’ve jst started using a new core skills program/app called Skoolbo – it looks wonderful and my kids love it! Have you seen it?