What Inspires You?

I’ve had this blog post rolling around in my head for a few days now and today is the day.
I have been witness to many inspiring events in my life both work related and personal. I have watched my sister in law (the somewhat infamous ‘other Lori Meyer’) nurse her son for 6 years through multiple rounds of chemo and radiation and have stood on the other side of his grave and watched the pain etched on her face as he was lowered into the ground. I have watched her struggle and recover and fall back and recover over the past 8 years – always always offering hope and support to others. My challenges are so small compared to this.
I have watched more than one determined teacher make a difference by simply believing that ALL kids can learn. One of the most inspiring this year was watching one of our Lifeskills teachers provide a student with a new window to the world -she taught him how to communicate using PECs. At age 20 he can now tell people when it hurts, or he’s thirsty or he wants to watch his favorite movie again and again and again. The teacher’s determination gave the student something that most of us take for granted every day. She simply believed it could be done and did it. She truly believes that all students can learn. I am so grateful for her!
This week I found myself being inspired by someone I am lucky to call a friend and a colleague. I have watched for a year while she met a challenge that most of us as parents never have to face and she has done it with grace and dignity and sometimes pure gut strength. She has doubtless years of challenge ahead. I am honored to know her and be counted among her friends.
So, when I start to think about the challenges that lie ahead for us as a school division – ensuring that ALL students learn – I sometimes get overwhelmed and I will admit it – sometimes I want to quit.
At those moments I look around me, and without ignoring the enormity of our challenge I am inspired. I am encouraged through the determination of others.
I hope you dont find this one too sappy. My heart is often on my sleeve and more so this time of year – I’m gettin’ tired! I am curious though – what inspires you?

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  • By reberl, May 14, 2012 @ 4:06 pm

    Wonderful post Lori! I am inspired by great leadership which I have been blessed to have several times throughout my life.

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