Friday February 26, 2016

3 weeks into the new semester and we are starting to hit our stride. This week in my classes:

Math 10FP – just finished up linear relations with an exciting pattern project. Now starting work on Linear Functions

Math 20WA – Finished up our look at Slope and now starting our investigation of Trigonometry

Math 20 PC – a few are finishing up our look at radicals and then moving onto quadratic functions.

Math 30WA – we have begun looking at trigonometry

Science 10 – students are working hard on making and naming chemical compounds and now are working on chemical reactions. Lab next week on types of chemical reactions

Chemistry 30 – assessment today on functional groups of hydrocarbons. Starting a look at polymers for next week (more putty and slime!).

Environmental Science 20 (online) – should be finishing up the first unit on introduction to environmental science. Then we will begin our look at terrestrial ecosystems.



Friday February 12, 2016

We have a full 2 weeks under our belt of the new semester. Below is the current status of my classes. Have a great break!

Math 10FP – finishing up our unit on linear relations, with a project on patterns.

Math 20WA – finishing up our work on slope and starting trigonometry.

Math 20PC – most are working on radicals.

Math 30WA – starting a look at trigonometry

Science 10 – working on making compounds, after the break we are starting a look at chemical reactions.

Chemistry 30 – we have been working on making inorganic and organic molecules and that application to our lives.

ES 20 Online – working on our first unit (introduction to environmental Science) with involves a look at Easter island as well as how to navigate through the world of news.

Friday January 15

One week of Classes Remaining!!!

With one week of classes remaining, we are all done course content we are just working on finishing up outstanding assignments, working on final projects and studying for Finals. Please remember to work hard in these next 2 weeks a lot is riding on it. 

Friday December 4

As Christmas Holidays Approach, it is imperative that we stay focused so we have minimal to no work over the holidays

Math 10WA: working on parallel lines and similar figures

Math 20WA – most are working on surface are or scale representation

Math 20F – working on quadratic fuctions

Math 30WA – working on properties of geometric figures

Math 30F – finishing up our look at probability – TEST Wednesday

Health Science 20 – just starting our investigation with Nutrition (last unit)

Physical Science 20 – investigating chemical heat – heats of formation

Physics 30 – starting our look at Electricity – should be finished it by Christmas

Thursday November 18, 2015

Again, very sorry for not making it to SLC’s on Thursday Night – if you are wanting to speak please email or phone to set up a time. Thank you

This week in my Classes:

Math 10WA – finished our look at surface area and volume – next week is a brief look at temperature and mass.

Math 20WA – mostly on Surface area and volume

Math 20F – TEST on Tuesday regarding linear inequalities then moving onto quadratics

Math 30WA – finishing up trigonometry and then moving onto properties of geometric figures

Math 30F – working on counting principal and probability

Health Science 20 – finishing up our look at diagnostics – starting our project and a lab on Tuesday

Physics Science 20 – working on heat – Calorimetry lab on Monday

Physics 30 – working on Power and types of energy (Kinetic and Potential )

My students have a lot of potential energy – hopefully they can convert it efficiently  into Kinetic Energy!

Friday November 13

Happy Friday the 13th – Report Cards go out Monday

Math 10WA – finished up the unit on Surface area and Volume, next week is working on projects! (possibly writing a test?)

Math 20WA – working on scale representation

Math 20F – finishing up linear inequalities – test WEDNESDAY!

Math 30WA – finishing up Trig, then working on Project

Math 30F – working on counting theorem, permuatations and combinations – need to get moving!!!

Health Science 20 – finishing up our detailed look at very complex diagnostic tools, lab next week.

Physical Science 20 – working on heat and thermodynamics

Physics 30 – working on power (need to get moving as well – may take a some power!) – ha ha

Friday November 6th

Marks are all in for the first semester report cards!

Math 10WA – working on surface area and next volume of 3-D objects

Math 20WA – working still on scale representation

Math 20F – starting linear inequalities and quadratic equations (for some).

Math 30WA – working on trigonometry – sine law and cosine law

Math 30F – starting counting theory and probabilities

Physical Science 20 – finishing up our experiments relating to heat and then moving onto calculations relating to heat.

Health Science 20 – still waiting on Human body system assignments, the rest have started diagnostics. Lab on Tuesday

Physics 30 – starting our work on Work (that is right work on work!)

Friday October 30, 2015

Last week of October – Happy Halloween!

Math 10WA – Working on converting units

Math 20 WA – most are working on surface area

Math 20F – students are finishing up solving triangles using the Sine and Cosine law – TEST on Tuesday

Math 30WA – students are working on trigonometry

Math 30F – students are finishing up set theory – TEST on Thursday

Physical Science 20 – working on our heat projects – very interesting!!

Health Science 20 – we are starting our look at diagnostic tools

Physics 30 – finishing up motion – TEST on thursday

Friday October 23, 2015

Almost 2 months in, boy has time flown by!

Math 10WA – currently working on measurement (surface area, imperial vs metric measurements)

Math 20WA – most students are working on surface area

Math 20F – working on Sine and Cosine law in Trigonometry, then moving onto Linear Inequalities.

Math 30WA – working on Trigonometry

Math 30F – working on set theory

Health Science 20 – finishing up our projects on the Human Body system and then moving onto Diagnostics

Physical Science 20 – finishing up the Chemistry unit in PS 20 – test and practical on MONDAY

Physics 30 – finishing up the unit Kinematics and Dynamics – home to experimental examine motion using a launcher next week and a final test.

Friday October 09, 2015

First Month is over and we are fast approaching on drop dates for courses, if you think you need to drop a course remember to do so before the drop date to ensure that the course doesn’t show up on your transcript.

Math 10WA – working on income – some are working on a project and others are studying for a test on WEDNESDAY

Math 20WA – some are working on personal budgets and the rest are working on graphical representation

Math 20F – most students are working on angles of triangles

Math 30WA – working on their project relating to measurements, accuracy and precision

Math 30F – starting an investigation on set notation

Health Science 20 – looking at human body systems – starting Immune system today

Physical Science 20 – working on molar ratios in chemical reactions.

Physics 30 – finished up graphical representation and vectors, no moving onto calculations into kinematics.

don’t forget to check engrade regularity for your marks.