Retroactive payments manual (ODT 2011)

I have attached a copy of the Payroll Recalculation for Retroactive payments Manual (Open Door Technology) – very helpful for the retro we are all dealing with at the moment.  Will actually calculate retro and deductions by pay period! Lots of checks are required especially around “non-calculating” entries that were made directly in journals during the period being calculated.  Payroll Recalculation Procedure Oct 21, 2011

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  1. I was just thinking about the reporting of retro to STF. I use STF Remittances – Current Year when I create my reporting. I run all the reports and create the web remittance at the same time with this report. When we upload the WRS file on the STF site, are the 13-14 year entries going to come in with the correct Record Type (30) from our reporting and the current year with 20? Does anyone know? I just opened a web remittance report in Excel and I think I found where the RT code is in the big spool of numbers – if we have to change this for each entry… oh my god… I will be living here for a month working on changing that. Any thoughts?

    1. I am just starting my remittance as well and it does look like the 13-14 entries will be uploaded with an RT of 20. For Retro in 2011, I had made the changes to my file prior to uploading to the WRS. It was much quicker doing it that way. In excel, I filtered on the date and changed the RT to 30. I’ll be able to give more details as I work with it over the next couple days if needed.

      1. I am currently working on my WRS file. It appears all retro lines come in as Record Type 10. Were you able to have them come in as as 20 for 2014/15 and 30 for 2013/14?

  2. Hi Deb,
    We loaded the WRS file into a macro so it separates everything and then manually changed the year to 2014 for the 13-14 school year and 30 and 20 for RT where required. It is a big job but easier than doing it on the WRS website. I am still working on it.

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