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I thought a fun venue to share books would be a cafe-like atmosphere.  Last year, we called it Book Cafe, but since some teachers have been implementing the Daily 5 and The Cafe Menu, I didn’t want the two cafes to be confused.  Thus, this year we changed the name to Book Bistro.  

Our elementary operates on trimesters, so we have 3 rounds of Book Bistro.  Each student presents one time per trimester.  With my class of 22 students, we hold 4 Book Bistros per trimester so there are 5-6 students presenting at each.  This usually takes up an hour of our morning, but it’s definitely worth it.  It helps the students presenting work on oral communication, and the listeners get to hear about some great books!  The students have a list of ideas to choose from, but as you can see, they may also come up with their own idea and get my approval.  We’ve had some great presentations this year including a newscast shot on multiple locations!

Because it is a cafe or bistro atmosphere, the students presenting bring in treats and beverages for the listeners to enjoy as they present.  I’ve even had students bring specific food because it relates to their book!

I think this would be a fun way to share what people are reading. You might have to put some limits on he food and drink or one hour might spin off into a major meal. Perhaps this might also only be one option for students. Some might prefer a different method of publishing their ideas and reactions to what they have read.

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