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“Fusing sociology, psychoanalysis and philosophy, Professor Renata Salecl shows that individual choice is rarely based on a simple rational decision with a predictable outcome.”

This is quite packed with ideas and moves quickly. I have been reflecting on the efficacy of the degree of choice I introduced this year with my students. In one inquiry project I offered thirty sample topics to my students in the area of flight and Canadian history. As Professor Renata Salecl remarks, students were generally influenced by the topics their peers chose. The result was six students out of twenty-four picked identical topics. In the last inquiry three close friends selected the same country for a government study. The other grade in my split picked from a narrower range and were told they couldn’t take the same topic. You would think that group would feel more stress. I don’t think they did. Perhaps some of the choices we give students are simply an ideological decision rather than a decision about authentic learning. Perhaps teachers simply need to be open to the idea of allowing choice when our students formulate their own.

I could easily return to this RSA Animate for further reflection. Not sure I completely understand her thesis right now.

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