The case for a fourth grader’s digital footprint

1. Positive digital footprints, 2. Communicating with digital tools, 3. Transparency for parents and family, 4. New ways of thinking about Web tools, and 5. Effective digital citizenship” (Posted by Jenny Luca on Aug 26, 2011 in Creating Global Classrooms)

I sent a note home this week introducing my parents to blogging and eportfolios in my grade four classroom. A few families have put restrictions on internet publishing. I will have to exclude them from our Posterous site and the wikispace eportfolio project. I will have to adapt their learning to private digital formats like a Word Document or PowerPoint.

Why not simply do Word and PowerPoint with all of them? I briefly asked myself. I think Jenny Luca explains why very well. My students need to learn how to create positive digital footprints as they practice digital citizenship. I don’t think Word or PowerPoint represent authentic learning experiences for that. Transparency for parents and family is also critical in public education at this point. We need to effectively publish student learning and we need to empower students as publishers. When teachers publish student work, teachers reflect on student learning. When students publish their own work, students reflect on their own learning.

My students are young, and the Saskatchewan is remiss in addressing Jenny Luca’s outcomes in its curriculum, but they need to be addressed. I’ll try and meet with those parents in my classroom who are reluctant to allow their children to publish on the internet. Perhaps I can talk them around.

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I am an Alumni of the University of Regina, class or 1980. After a two year posting with CUSO in Kaduna, Nigeria, I worked in South-central Saskatchewan in rural K-12 schools. I took a year of post-graduate studies and then moved into administration. I stepped out of that role in 2007 and returned to the classroom as an elementary school teacher. I am currently in Moose Jaw.
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