Sometimes the Bear Eats You, Work Flow Fail

I finally had that heart attack I’ve been promising my colleagues since my sick days began to accumulate. “I’m saving them till then, cough, cough.” In a whisper. In retrospect, I don’t think anyone, barring the accounting department in personnel, appreciated my decision. It was a mild attack, so I still find it humorous. Four days in the hospital shattered my well thought out workflow.

No point in meditating on the life changes of having a heart attack, nor the necessary adjustments to my self concept. I’m still working through that anyway.

One of my frustrations this week was the limitations of my iPad. Naturally, it kept me entertained over the long period. Its lack of flexibility failed me when I tried multitasking Google Documents for sub planning. On a desktop, I can open a browser and shift text from my unit plans to my week plan efficiently. My iPad mini does not have that capacity, though I didn’t try to operate through a browser. I would have to open a file, capture text, close the file to open the next, repeatedly.

My commitment to planning in depth for my subs was pretty limited, understandably. It was definitely a moment for a laptop. I took a look at this advertisement for an IPad Pro, ¬†looks slick, sort of a ripoff of the Surface isn’t it? My suspicion is that it still shares the limitation of my old iPad mini. Perhaps it’s browsing capacity is better. How does the Surface handle multiple windows? Is it basically a Windows 10 laptop that might let me log into my school’s network remotely?

The other thing I missed was access to my network files. I know many teachers lack that service in their districts, but it is a powerful part of my work flow here. I’m suspecting a Surface would handle the remote logins and Microsoft Office tasks I still require.

It was a transitory problem. I’m back home now with access to my HP desktop. Mobile computing isn’t really a priority. I probably should not be window shopping for new technology anyway.

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I am an Alumni of the University of Regina, class or 1980. After a two year posting with CUSO in Kaduna, Nigeria, I worked in South-central Saskatchewan in rural K-12 schools. I took a year of post-graduate studies and then moved into administration. I stepped out of that role in 2007 and returned to the classroom as an elementary school teacher. I am currently in Moose Jaw.
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