Edmodo for Authentic Writing

I’m sold on social networking as a vehicle for students to publish the best of their writing. It is one of my principal sources assessment data now. I catch them at their most eloquent, when they are engaged, and independent. Personal voice shines through.

Zain is ten and he demonstrates his proficiency in paragraphing to me in this casual post to Edmodo. He includes the beginnings of descriptive detail using effective word choice. I only caught one spelling error. He would have composed this on a personal device with spell check. I’d like to see him add this to his digital portfolio on Seesaw and past a picture of it into his commonplace journal in his desk.

Zain’s post is what I would consider effective, meaningful homework. Reading and writing independently are far more important than daily worksheets sent home, or random spelling lists to memorize, and then quickly forget. This example of Zain’s is not unique from my class this year. Quite a few students have shared great examples of writing with us.

One other reason I promote Edmodo is parents engagement. Parents can follow their child’s writing through a parent account, or simply look over their shoulder. There are many ways to share writing, but this is probably my favourite at the moment.

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I am an Alumni of the University of Regina, class or 1980. After a two year posting with CUSO in Kaduna, Nigeria, I worked in South-central Saskatchewan in rural K-12 schools. I took a year of post-graduate studies and then moved into administration. I stepped out of that role in 2007 and returned to the classroom as an elementary school teacher. I am currently in Moose Jaw.
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