I’m Still the Master of My Domain

I renewed my domain name for another three years. That involved rectifying a mistake I made the first time. I’ve switched from www.alan-stange.ca to the more common www.alanstange.ca. Appart from updating business cards, I don’t think the change will cause any ripples.

People are not beating a path to my professional blog and neither am I. It has been hard to keep it up. I am an active teacher still, so I think I need an active presence on line. My domain forwards to this blog for the next three years. After that, I will be considering early retirement. If I do leave the profession, then my WordPress blog, hosted by my school division will cease. I will have to reassess my online presence.

It soothes the ego a little to temporarily control my name on the net. I’m the Canadian Alan Stange who took possession of the domain. All the other Alan Stange’s must improvise. GMail let me have alan.stange too. I guess we are not that common out there.

Maintaining a personal domain seems less important to me as I stop pimping myself among the educational community. I have little interest in job searches, consultancy opportunities, or building an online following. Most of my ideas are shared shorthand on social networks like Twitter or GooglePlus. I need the blog still, because occasionally those brief ideas need elaboration. I think we all need to find space to do that.

About Alan Stange

I am an Alumni of the University of Regina, class or 1980. After a two year posting with CUSO in Kaduna, Nigeria, I worked in South-central Saskatchewan in rural K-12 schools. I took a year of post-graduate studies and then moved into administration. I stepped out of that role in 2007 and returned to the classroom as an elementary school teacher. I am currently in Moose Jaw.
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