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  1. Dave Osberg says:

    If you are looking for some further ideas, you may wish to include the following:

    – Previous PGP goals and accomplishments
    – Educational philosophy
    – PLC initiatives
    – Something about positive expectations for student success
    – Classroom Environment – creating an environment of respect and rapport, managing classroom procedures, organizing physical space.
    – Designing student centered lessons for student mastery and active participation
    – Presents challenging work – ie Blooms Taxonomy
    – Assessment & Evaluation – Frequent assessment and descriptive feedback
    – Demonstrates knowledge of content and pedagogy
    – Instructional goals
    – Engaging students in learning
    – Maintaining accurate records
    – Communicating with families
    – Growing and developing professionally
    – Constructivist Learning – building learning as opposed to receiving info, variety of instruction(instructional strategies), assessment and technology strategies used, authentic learning relates to the real world
    – Multiple intelligences
    – Curriculum – spec ed., multicultural ed, gender equity, adaptive dimension, Indian/metis perspectives, resource based learning,
    – Extra curricular
    – Professional learning opportunities/experiences

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