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Thoughts on Critical Reflection, by Mark Barnes

Six What If Questions That Great Teachers Ask Everyday If you’re a teacher and you’re not questioning your methods daily, you might want to consider another profession. Great teachers always think they can do more for students. Outstanding teachers feel … Continue reading

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5 Hypocritical Rules

“So what things are we expecting students to do that we would probably not submit to as adults? Expect them to work hard all day with few breaks. Silent hallways. Only go to the bathroom during breaks. Do hours of … Continue reading

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Teaching Organically, Students First

The thing is, though, that the fruit is the part of the plant that serves us. Sure, obviously fruit also serves the plant; it is the reason why generations of plants have and will continue to grow on Earth. But … Continue reading

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The light within

Again and again, young people remind me of the beauty, depth, and potential within us. I am so grateful for the constant demonstrations that keep me grounded. We all learn through modelling, but the authoritarian structure of schools reinforces the … Continue reading

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Saturday I attended my first on line EdCamp at the suggestion of Kelly Christopherson made during this last week’s #saskedchat on Twitter. I had a good time, despite feeling guilty about ignoring my wife for a few hours during our … Continue reading

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Silent, sustained personal reading

I suppose I always appreciated being read to as a child, but point of singularity for me was when I began adolescence. At twelve or thirteen I became a ferocious reader. Summer camp has its memories of deep woods and … Continue reading

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September Genius Hour

Minecraft is popular, but we have a range of projects happening for our first month of fourth and fifth grade genius hour. I’ve dedicated one period each week.

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Finishing Lines

I hated track and field competition when I was a child in school. It was not an activity in which I was particularly successful, if by success you mean winning, or even being average. I did not run proficiently in … Continue reading

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Multiple Choice, Flashbacks

Teachers, save a TON of TIME with this FREE teacher created mobile app! #edtech #edchat — Quick Key App (@4_teachers) August 24, 2014 Damn! This app looks awesome. It is too bad I don’t administer multiple choice more than … Continue reading

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Shouldn’t Education and Learning Be the Same Thing?

I am beginning to suspect all elaborate and special systems of education. They seem to me to be built up on the supposition that every child is a kind of idiot who must be taught to think. Anne Sullivan Schooling … Continue reading

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