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Three-Legged Stool

I found this in in A Principal’s Reflections, through a Google Plus post by Eric Scheninger. Image credit:

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Don’t teach for the next grade

“Before today’s educational leaders, business owners, or even everyday taxpayers get too emotionally or financially invested in programs to help students prepare for the working world—ensuring they are, to borrow a favorite school-reform buzzword, “college- and career-ready”—maybe they should realize … Continue reading

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Honourable Brad Wall, Ken Krawetz, and Don Morgan, give it a try

  As a rural teacher, I generally had 16 students in a double/triple grade room. I thought it a good size. Over the last few years my classes (single and multigrade) fluctuate between 22-25. 25 exceeds my comfort level for … Continue reading

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Burning Out

“Introducing merit-based pay for extra hours and exceptional work, as well as allowing teachers more flexibility and creativity within the curriculum, and cutting back on work that is not teaching-related would do much to reduce teacher burnout, says Bradley.” Overwhelmed … Continue reading

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Some questions demand you to change

These questions are challenge my practice, but I’d rather stop identifying this by the century.

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Thoughts on Critical Reflection, by Mark Barnes

Six What If Questions That Great Teachers Ask Everyday If you’re a teacher and you’re not questioning your methods daily, you might want to consider another profession. Great teachers always think they can do more for students. Outstanding teachers feel … Continue reading

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5 Hypocritical Rules

“So what things are we expecting students to do that we would probably not submit to as adults? Expect them to work hard all day with few breaks. Silent hallways. Only go to the bathroom during breaks. Do hours of … Continue reading

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Teaching Organically, Students First

The thing is, though, that the fruit is the part of the plant that serves us. Sure, obviously fruit also serves the plant; it is the reason why generations of plants have and will continue to grow on Earth. But … Continue reading

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The light within

Again and again, young people remind me of the beauty, depth, and potential within us. I am so grateful for the constant demonstrations that keep me grounded. We all learn through modelling, but the authoritarian structure of schools reinforces the … Continue reading

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Saturday I attended my first on line EdCamp at the suggestion of Kelly Christopherson made during this last week’s #saskedchat on Twitter. I had a good time, despite feeling guilty about ignoring my wife for a few hours during our … Continue reading

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