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Professional Areas

Currently I am an elementary school generalist. I have extensive experience in middle and senior social sciences, English Language, arts education, information processing, and school libraries.

I have an interest in integrating instructional technologies into the learning environment to support collaborative learning within a flexible studio classroom design.


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 I believe

The purpose of public education is to give young people the power to take control of their lives. Young people need to construct their own meaning from the world to guide their actions. They need support discovering personal directions they might take in the future. We are life-long learners and public education should empower people to exercise that inherent potential.  Learning in the classroom should be:

  • Active: Learners may, by design, cognitively influence the learning process.
  • Collaborative: Learners are interdependent and influence learning activities and outcomes.
  • Authentic: Learners should exhibit knowledge or perform a skill in a naturally occurring environment as possible. EdTechatouille


library1992-1993Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Regina. One year of study in Curriculum and Instruction.

  • My focus was fostering dialectical reasoning in adolescents through scaffolding. My studies were informed by contemporary discourse on Critical Theory and qualitative research. The year was transformative and I continue to be deeply interested in the phenomenological perspectives of both teacher and student in the changing culture of the classroom.

1975-1980Bed. (with distinction), University of Regina. Social Studies major, English minor. Continued training in school librarianship: Planning and Development of School Library Service, in 1987.

1972-1975High School Diploma, Campbell Collegiate Institute, Regina Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Department of Education Professional A Certificate. I have also been accredited at English 30 and Social Studies/History 30. Completed Module One SSBA Professional Development Program: Working with people: Winter 2001. Completed Level One Restitution training: Fall 1999 and Lion’s Quest training Seminar: Fall 2001

Professional Experience

2009-2014Classroom Teacher, Sunningdale Elementary School, Moose Jaw, SK. Prairie South School Division No. 210.

  • Grades 4-6 home rooms: combined grades occasionally.
  • Instructional Technology focus: Social Networking through email, Twitter, Skype, Edmodo, and Wikispaces as vehicles for collaborative learning.
  • A minor Instructional Technology component assisting with hardware and software integration. The primary focus is introducing and mentoring Promethean ActivBoards into instruction.
  • Coached volleyball and Technology Club advisor.

2007-2009: Classroom Teacher, Prince Arthur Community School, Moose Jaw, SK. Prairie South School Division No. 210.

  • Grades 5-6 home rooms; Prince Arthur hosts the city’s English as a second language elementary program. The assignment included team-teaching with colleagues to facilitate differentiated learning for approximately half the students. There was also a strong First Nations and Metis emphasis within the school’s culture.
  • Teacher librarian (2008-2009); responsible for reestablishing the collection in a renovated facility.
  • Instructional technology focus: email and Wikispaces.
  • Coached volleyball.


Central Butte School

Central Butte School

1999-2006School-based Administrator, Central Butte School, Central Butte, SK. Prairie South School Division No. 210 (formerly Herbert School Division)

  • Middle Years Arts Education, PAA Survey (communication), and Health Education; High School Career Guidance and Social Studies.
  • Administration of a K to 12 school averaging 150 students, 12 teachers and 4 Aids. The school offered a core curriculum of 32 high school credits supplemented by distance education options.
  • Instructional technology focus: Blackboard to support asynchronous learning. As administrator I promoted PolyCom connections with neighboring  schools so Central Butte could deliver senior level science and math.
  • Directing and producing junior high school drama, yearbook adviser and coaching volleyball.

1983-1992 and 1993-1999Classroom Teacher and School-based Administrator, Limerick School, Limerick, SK. Red Coat Trail School Division.

  • Middle Years and High School English, Social Studies and Information Processing.
  • Principal from 1997-1999.   Two years administrating a K to 12 school with 120 students, 7 teachers and 2 Aids.
  • I also worked as a Teacher-Librarian coordinating the implementation, development and delivery of learning resource center services. The responsibilities were in the areas of materials selection, drafting policy, administration, and program planning with the school staff.
  • Directing and producing junior and senior high school drama, coaching volleyball, advising the S.R.C. and yearbook staff.

1992-1993General Sessional Lecturer, Saskatchewan Indian Federated College (now First Nations University), University of Regina. , teaching ESST 228, an introduction to teaching elementary social studies.

  • I taught curriculum theory applied to social studies for elementary school: philosophy, content, instructional procedures, sources of material and evaluation. The course presented an emphasis on Indian and Metis content. There were additional responsibilities providing counseling to students and acting as Faculty Adviser supervising the field experience of second year pre-interns.

1992-1993Sessional Assistant, Faculty of Education, University of Regina.

  • Faculty adviser for fourth year interns. The responsibilities included acting as liaison between the university and the school; facilitating the development of the teacher-intern relationship; and encouraging the professional development of the intern.
  • Lab instructor for two EPS215 labs and faculty adviser for four second year pre-interns involved in Regina field experiences.

1980-1982: CUSO Cooperant TeacherGSS Kagoro, Kagoro, Kaduna.  instructing English as a second language (TESL) in Nigeria at a boy’s boarding school to grades seven through eleven, in preparation for the West African G.C.E. Ordinary-level examinations.

  • I developed and taught an elective evening class in oral English.
  • I was Year Group Master (grade eight), responsible for the administration and discipline of 250 students.

Additional Professional Experience

Professional Development. 2009-2010, Digital Portfolios as a media for demonstrating student learning outcomes and as a component of student lead conferences. 2010-2012, Powerful Learning Practice: collaborative action research on problem based learning using integrated technology in the classroom.

Cooperating teacher. I have worked with University of Regina interns seven times from 1984 to 2014. I participated as a University of Regina Internship Seminar Leader in 1986 at Echo Valley Center. Over the years I have had pre-interns working in my classroom.

Pilot teacher. Between 1985 and 1990 I participated in the second and third years of the middle years and high school Social Studies curriculum development. From 1993 to 1995 I was a member of the Social Studies Curriculum Evaluation Validation Committee.

Inservice Workshop Leader. Between 1987 and 1989 I was seconded to the Saskatchewan Department of Education, Region Two, to design and lead implementation workshops for middle years Social Studies curriculum. The workshops focused on concept teaching, critical thinking, and evaluation strategies.

Professional Associations and Community Involvement

Member of the Saskatchewan Teacher’s Federation and its varied subject councils. I network through Classroom 2.0.I have long standing involvement with local professional associations serving on a variety of committees and acting as local association president on two occasions. Currently, I am the staff liaison for my local association.  Within the rural communities I have lived in I have been involved in community theater, Rec. Board, RCMP Community Liaison,  and the local rink and hall service clubs.

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  3. Abdulmalik Yusuf Ofemile says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am an ex-student of GSS kagoro and was in form 5 when you were a CUSO teacher there (1980/81 set). i am really glad to have located you on the net. presently, i am an English Language teacher trainer in Nigeria and will like to keep in touch.
    please do you have mr Frank Marshall’s contact, i will also like to be connected with him
    thank you and kindest regards,

  4. Alan Stange says:

    Wow! I just read your message, what a surprise to hear from you. Frank and I never kept in contact. In fact we only shared one letter while he was teaching you and I was preparing to come to Kagoro. We both worked for CUSO so I joined its Facebook page. I hoped I might connect with people like him but I have not. All the best to you.

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