Eclectic Learning

My Voice  and the voices of my students on VoiceThread. Mobile technologies are disrupting the way my students share learning digitally. Learning spaces need to be flexible and untethered from the building.

The geography of Learning

I need to update this video to reflect the Making Station along the counter and the sets of mats I added on the floor for reading. I keep the classroom as uncluttered as I can.

Student Portfolios


My student’s portfolio work is stored on Flicker using a number of  classroom accounts here and here. This year, I focused on sharing through Edmodo. Something was lost by doing that.

Classroom Wikispace

I use a classroom wikispace as a portal for internet use and closed conversation. It used to be open. This year I converted it into a classroom. I have been using this space since Dec 15, 2006 6:25 pm. The number of visits does not begin to reflect its importance to my work flow.


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