February 2018: A Note From Tony

Hi Prairie South Friends!

Thank you to everyone who helped provide information this month related to staff satisfaction and school calendar!  I wanted to send a brief note about a couple of things related to these processes.

First, the calendar.  662 people answered the question, with 459 preferring the full week break in February and 203 preferring the two full weeks at Christmas.  This preference will work with some of the other calendar alignment work that I am doing, so I am proceeding with the full week in February option at this time.  I will be doing some extended consultation with SCCs related to the calendar as a whole, and plan to proceed with the approval process in either April or May, depending on how that consultation unfolds.  Once the main calendar is complete, we will have a follow-up process for schools who use the alternate school calendar.

The response to the Staff Satisfaction Survey was also great, with 497 staff members providing 410 pages of feedback.  I have read every word of this, and was struck by the honest communication and commitment evident in your responses. In general, all staff groups continue to report high levels of satisfaction with their work, with more than half of the questions showing 80% or higher levels of satisfied staff.  While this is great to see, there are some themes in the comments that we will need to explore in further detail as we continue to build the best working environment that we can in Prairie South.

I will have some more detailed information about Staff Satisfaction Survey follow-up in the coming weeks as we have the chance to review the data with more people.   In the meantime, I hope that the start of the new semester finds you well.

See you soon,


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