February 2019: A Note From Tony

Hello Prairie South Staff,

I wanted to take a moment this morning before everyone starts their work week to thank you for the work you do every day to support learning and teaching in our schools.  Although Staff Appreciation Week is a great reason to send this email, I know that your work goes on for the other 51 weeks of the year as well; I want to extend my thanks for all of the time and care each of you puts into your work in Prairie South.

Yesterday we had a flood at King George Elementary School in Moose Jaw, and ended up with several inches of water in the gym, the music room, and the PreK room.  When I visited the school before lunch, there were teachers, maintenance staff, the administrative assistant and a host of others spending their Sunday getting organized for today, all so the students at the school weren’t impacted by the flood.  This isn’t a surprise to me because we see examples of this kind of commitment in all of our schools and workplaces on an ongoing basis.  Whether we are covering for a colleague who is away, supporting a student who has been impacted by something on social media, volunteering extra hours to develop an innovative program or finish some work that we couldn’t get to during the workday, there are countless ways that I see staff commitment to kids all year long in Prairie South.

Working in the education sector can be tough on people.  Many people seem to have a theory or two of what we could do differently, but most really don’t have any idea of the kind of work we do.  This is something I try to remind myself about, because even though I know some things about the system, I don’t really know about your work as individual staff members in Prairie South.  People who I look up to tell me that one way I can be good at my job is to know as many individual stories about our staff as I can, and I think this is great advice.

I hope you have a great day today and a great week, regardless of where you work or what you do.  Together we are making a difference in the lives of 6500 children and their families.  On behalf of all of them, thank you.

See you soon,


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