February 2020: A Note From Tony

Hello Prairie South Staff,

I have been watching social media with delight this week as SCCs, parents, administrators and others celebrate your commitment to kids and families during Staff Appreciation Week in Saskatchewan.

Whether you are a teacher, an EA, an accountant or have any of the other jobs that make Prairie South tick, the education sector is a challenging place to work.  Because of this, we don’t have to look very far away to find stress; we work to overcome challenges connected to CUPE or STF collective bargaining, MSS implementation, sector funding or just the next thing on our list of things to do, and all of those pieces are in the background as we do our most important work of supporting children and families.  Even in the face of these challenges, we tend to be appreciative of our workplace in Prairie South.  In our recent Staff Satisfaction Survey, there are pages of celebrations where staff in all roles celebrate the opportunity to work with children, to share a workplace with great colleagues, and to be a part of the magic when a student catches on to something new.  This sense of being a part of something larger than ourselves brings resilience and determination when we have tough days.

Thank you for being a member of the Prairie South team.  Each one of you plays a part in ensuring our students’ success, and each one of us is lucky to have the chance to come to work with great people, regardless of whether you work in a school or an office or a shop or in the country or in the city.  I hope Staff Appreciation Week has been good to you; please know that you are appreciated all of the other weeks of the year.  Our kids are lucky to have you.

See you soon,


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