October 2019: A Note From Tony

Hello Prairie South Friends,

Happy October!  I’m glad to see the sun shining today, as I’m quite worried about our students who come from farming families and the strain for them and their parents resulting from the early snow last week.  Hopefully the sun will stick with us and let folks get the harvest completed.

We’ve had a great month in Prairie South.  Late in September, the Board confirmed a preferred location for the new school in Moose Jaw, and asked me to continue with the process of acquiring some land from the City of Moose Jaw.  This is new territory for me; I’ve never been involved in the construction of a new school before, so I’m pretty focused on paying attention to details as we move forward.  I share the Board’s excitement about being able to bring a 21st Century facility to children and families in the South Hill neighbourhood in Moose Jaw.  I’ll be sure to keep everyone in the loop as we move forward.

As you know, we are one of the first school divisions in Saskatchewan to embark on the MySchoolSask implementation process.  As expected, we’ve had some successes and some setbacks as we implement this platform, but overall people seem to be pleased with the process.  I appreciate teachers and administrative assistants who have been most impacted by this work – your dedication to getting the work done is making it easier for the kids we serve.  The next hurdle will be the report card process, and I know this will work out too.

I’ve had a chance to visit several schools in September and hope to get to some others in October.  I’ve had some great questions from staff about a variety of things during my visits.  It is a highlight for me to be able to visit about the work we are doing together, so if you’d like to pick my brain about anything at all, don’t be shy to give me a call or zip me an email.

I hope your week has been a good one – see you soon,


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