Congratulations to the Class of 2014!  To all students and staff returning in the fall I hoped you have a relaxing and enjoyable summer break.

We also say goodbye this year to five Peacock teachers who will be retiring or moving positions next year. We thank Mr. Rod Johnston and Mrs. Cheryl Craik for their years of work  at Peacock and congratulate them on their retirement!  Good luck to Ms. Tana Rowe who will be moving to a new role in Prairie South Schools as the Practical and Applied Arts  Coordinator. Also, congratulations to Mr. Skoropad who is moving to Sunningdale Elementary school to become the vice principal. And finally, we also say goodbye to our Vice  Principal, Mr. Ward Strueby, who will be moving to Holy Trinity School Division to become a Superintendent of Learning. Thank you for your service to our students and good luck in your new position!