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September 26 Weekly Update


September 20 Update


School Goals


Last week we had a special motivational speaker, Ian Tyson, who spoke about maintaining a positive outlook and “grabbing a hold of life” and making the decision to get involved and participate. His timing couldn’t be better as we have a wide variety of sports, clubs, and fine arts groups getting started for the year. As Wayne Gretzky famously stated, “you always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. We hope that all students will take some shots this year!¬† Good luck to all the student athletes this week as volleyball, soccer, and golf leagues get started! Also, musical auditions for Annie¬†begin next week so be sure to come sign up for a time slot outside the drama room.

It is not just students and teachers that establish goals for the year as an important part of the yearly activities for the staff is to establish a Learning Improvement Plan, or school goals. Check out my video blog for a little more detail on what we are planning to focus on this year.


Goal Setting – Know Your Destination!


Last Friday we spent the day meeting with each grade grouping of students at our annual grade-a-like meetings. In the morning the grade 9 and 10 students had an interesting experience as they watched Mr. Roney and myself attempt to catch flying bats using fishing nets. It seems that over the summer a few bats made the auditorium their new home (aka Bat Cave). Strangely enough the bats timing was perfect as we were speaking to students about setting and focusing on goals. Being upstaged by the bats was a great example of the need to ignore the immediate distractions in our lives and stay focused on the bigger goals.

Setting goals is an important life skill and academic skill at Peacock Collegiate. Parents may want to check out my video blog below for a little more perspective on how it works for our students, staff, and school. Have a great week and don’t forget that volleyball, golf, soccer, and football are all taking place this week. Get involved!

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