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Formal Christmas Dance – Thursday, December 21 6:00-8:30 

CHRISTMAS SPIRIT DAY – Friday, December 22 – dress in the spirit!

Christmas break – Dec. 23-Jan. 2 – classes resume Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2018

Practice your math!

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Monday – January 8 – DAY 6

Tuesday – December 19 – DAY 5 : 12 Days of Giving – new socks

Wednesday – December 20  – DAY 6

Thursday – December 21 – DAY 1 Dance – 6-8:30

Friday – December 22 – DAY 2



English Language Arts-independent writing journal, independent reading journal, anthology unit – “Choosing Peace”, writing sentences, plurals, possessives, verb tense, visualizing reading strategy

Math – 7 –  adding and subtracting fractions 6- improper fractions and mixed numbers

Science – 7 – Interactions within Ecosystems; 6-Diversity of Living Things

Social Studies  – review of place, First Nation’s studies – focus for 7’s Pacific Rim; focus for 6’s Atlantic Rim




1. You have the right to talk in this class.  It is your responsibility to listen while others are talking.

2. You have the right to learn in this class.  It is your responsibility to be on time and prepared for class, and to complete all assignments on time to the best of your ability.

3. You have the right to be respected, and you are entitled to your own opinion.  It is your responsibility to respect other’s property, ideas and opinions.

4. Students are responsible for their actions.  RESPECT YOURSELF!!!