Building Resiliency with Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe

Last week our Prairie South Schools staff had a virtual keynote presentation from Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe.  She is a celebrated Canadian researcher, author, and speaker that focuses on how to develop everyday resiliency.  Certainly the word resiliency is a one you often hear in education and parenting conversations.  However, what you don’t often hear about is specifically how you can build resiliency, for one’s self, or within others.  Dr. Robyne’s book and presentation focussed on the practical ways that we can develop more resiliency. Her writing is based on research and practice and truly was a refreshing view on a very important topic . In her book, and her presentation, she spoke openly about her long journey to find resilience and offered many practical suggestions on how others can do the same.  Dr. Robyne left us with her inspiration mantra of “I can do hard things”.  Whether you are thinking of yourself, loved ones, or those you serve, her work is an inspiration on finding a path through the uncertainties that we all face. Thank you Dr. Robyne for sharing your inspiring work with us all! Her book, Calm Within the Storm, is available and is truly a great read for anyone.   Learn more about Robyne here:

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